Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review: Companion to the Old Testament


                                               Companion to the Old Testament by Ted Leach
                                                                  Rating: 4 stars

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing this book for BookLook bloggers, and I was pleasantly surprised. Please keep in mind that although I received a copy in exchange for my review, these opinions are my own, honest opinion of the book!

I love learning more about the learning about the meaning of passages, hearing interpretations, and furthering my understanding. This book did just that, not only giving the reader a look from a Christian perspective of the Old Testament, but also from the Jewish and Muslim perspectives as well. What many fail to realize is that although these religions are different, they have the same foundation and all are monotheistic religions. This book does a great job of explaining how certain aspects of these three religions are interwoven.

The book itself is written with a thorough introduction about the concept of this book, followed by ten in-depth yet easy-to-read chapters chock full of great information about the Old Testsment. Following each chapter are thoughtful questions that really probe the reader to think deeper and reaffirm the knowledge that was passed on in the chapter. I love discussion questions at the end of every book, so of course that was one of my favorite features. 

This book is an excellent tool to have for expanding on one's Biblical knowledge and I highly recommend it. I give it four stars! The book can be purchased from Westbow press.

Happy reading!