Thursday, July 17, 2014


Many people are surprised to find out that I am in fact, a "gamer". I love to play PC games...I like the social aspect of multiplayer games, I love the strategy involved, and I love the hour of "me time" that they provide. But, video games, and gamers for that matter, get a bad rap. 

I'm not going to let my children go off and play an extremely violent video game, nor am I going to play one in front of them, but there is nothing wrong with blowing off a little bit of steam while playing a video game-AFTER we have spent our time in the Word and with our Lord. 

We all have hobbies-some people like to sew, or work on cars, or hunt. Some like to play video games. I would love it if people would stop snap judgments on others because of something they enjoy, especially if it provides no harm to others...yes there are bad people out there, yes there are people that take video games too far. Is that the video game's fault? Or maybe was there something wrong with the person to begin with?