Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Review: The Art of Work by Jeff Goins

The Art of Work
Jeff Goins
5 Stars

It usually takes me a significantly longer amount of time to get through an e-book versus a "real" book, but this one surprised me...I could not stop reading!  This book was far more than just "a book"...it proves as a source of encouragement and inspiration to mix things up and follow your passion! Through real-life stories of people who have made massive sacrifices, leaps of faith, and sometimes personal failures, Goins does a phenomenal job of getting across the point of the book in three easy-to-read parts: preparation, action, and completion. 

Each section includes thoroughly thought-provoking testimonies, encouragement, and even examples of failure. One particular part was my favorite; it discussed how sometimes teachers come in to our lives when we are least expecting of it, and sometimes we don't even KNOW we are being set on a course to discover what we are truly meant to do. The examples in this section were extremely profound and evidence to the fact that even the most uncertain situations and circumstances can give birth to a miraculous epiphany or set us on a life-changing course, sometimes a course that can impact many, many people. Goins also discusses the very real possibility that the course we have set for ourselves is not always the correct one! What we think we want, is not always what our life's passion is and he gives us a phenomenal example of this in the book.

This book is highly, highly recommended and really lit a spark inside me, inspiring me to look within not only myself but my family and attempt to discover what this "there is more to this" feeling I have been having. This book, while a Christian book, is NOT overly heavy on the Biblical references or stories, so I would feel *very* comfortable recommending it to even some of my non-Christian friends. I truly believe this is a must-have in anyone's library and cannot say enough positive things about it!

All in all, five stars and you can purchase the book here!

I received this book from BookLook bloggers in exchange for my honest review. Any views expressed are my own!