Friday, May 15, 2015

Book Review: Unoffendable

Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better
Brant Hansen
Five stars

 In a few words, this book is a must-read...

However, a few words don't usually cut it for book reviews, and you are all far less inclined to take my word for it, you want to hear about this book and why I deem it a "must read", don't you? Of course you do...

Brant Hansen offers some seriously funny, witty insight in his book Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better. This book is a fast read, at least it was for me, in part due to the fun, light writing that Hansen implements in this book. This is impressive because the concept of anger, the topic that he is taking on, is really heavy stuff. We have always been taught that we have some sort of "right" to "righteous anger", but Hansen challenges this idea head on and argues that we really have no business being angry or offended...that's *God* territory. We do not have the capacity to manage our anger properly, we do not have business judging and getting upset. For one, we never really know what is going in a person's life...without all the facts, is it really fair to judge, to get angry, to get offended? Second, this really inhibits our ability to practice one of the central concepts of Jesus' teaching- to love. To love as He loves us. Without boundaries, without conditions or love freely and dangerously and without discrimination. The problem with being offended, is that sometimes it lets us get all judgy on people...we judge their point of view, automatically feel like *we* are superior. As Hansen says in one section, we NEVER think we are the jerk in a situation. We aren't the jerk that cut someone off in traffic, we aren't the jerk who just stole the parking spot. We really have no idea and therefore no business getting offended or upset or angry. The fact is that getting offended and angry leads to so many other things...broken relationships, missed opportunities, and even health problems. Stress causes all sorts of problems, and we when dwell or stew, our stress hormones skyrocket...stress is no longer a "life-saving" reaction to something as it is in the animal kingdom, stress lets us dwell and worry about things, to stay mad, and affect our health and happiness. 

Unoffendable. The concept of living in such a way is really, REALLY lost in our current culture. Everyone is offended by something...and that can lead to bitterness, anger, and all things ugly. The idea of living unoffendably, if that's even a real word, is quite a novel concept. What does it mean to be unoffendable, though? Do we turn our heads at the injustices in society? Do we have no cause to get angry or frustrated when someone does something to us that hurts, or that we don't agree with? Well, not necessarily. While Hansen does challenge the idea of righteous anger in his book, he is also clear in telling the readers that although we have no right to it, we are human and we will struggle with anger and being offended from time to time. BUT, life is so much more...simple...without anger and taking offense to everything. After all, if we are constantly offended or angry when it comes to other people, we are going to be very busy people. 

So how do you live an "Unoffendable" life? It's a choice, something that Hansen makes VERY clear in the book, and that the choice to remain unoffendable is often an incredibly difficult one. I appreciate Hansen's honesty that even he still struggles with the issues he's writing about, which helps immensely in relating to the book as well as feeling like he's completely credible. 

I really recommend this book, it has the potential to be life-changing for many people. The challenge of becoming unoffendable is a good one...hard, but an amazing challenge to take on. I am personally choosing to take this challenge and have already felt the differences that this mindset can bring. If you are interested in purchasing this five star book, you can purchase it here!

I was provided this book by BookLook bloggers  in exchange for my honest opinion. Everything expressed in this review is my honest opinion.