Monday, July 13, 2015

Book Review: The REAL House of God

The REAL House of God
H. Dele Davies, MD
3 stars
If you are familiar with the Bible, you are familiar with the Old Testament, which is chock full of all kinds of laws/rules, traditions, people, can be dizzying to understand the OT. In Davies book The REAL House of God we are given an extremely in-depth tour of the Old Testament temple and parallels that with what God desires, and has always desired, for us as a follower of Christ-to allow our bodies to be a temple for Him. 
When I say this book is incredibly detailed, I mean it. In all honesty it was a bit hard for me to get through at times; it felt incredibly thick and complicated delving in to the intricacies of the Old Testament temple, what each piece symbolizes, and how our body is of similar "design", if you will, of the Old Testament temple. This book is absolutely phenomenal to increase your understanding of the temple and to appreciate the significance of a physical dwelling place for God. One of my favorite features of every book is when there are additional, thought provoking questions/resources at the end of the chapter or book. This book does indeed have that, and it DID help me digest what I had just read..
I really don't have much to say about this particular book, it's something that you have to read yourself if you want to understand *how* God intends our very body to be a temple for Him. It was really cool to have all the pieces and parts of the temple laid out and explained, but as I said before, it was really thick, this book really needs your undivided attention. I would recommend it solely based on the significance of being able to understand the temple. I don't know that I considerably enjoyed the book, but it is a book I think one should read if they are interested in expanding their knowledge of both the OT and NT temples. All in all, 3 stars. If you're interested in purchasing this book you can buy it here!
Disclaimer: I was provided an e-book copy of this from BookLook bloggers in exchange for honest, unbiased review. Everything expressed here is my very own opinion.