About Me!

As you are well aware, my name is Christina. It's easy to say that I entered adulthood on the fast track, and definitely not on purpose. 

In 2004, I met and married my husband, had our first child, and bought our first house
In 2005, we had our second baby.
In 2006, we sold our first house, moved to a new state, and purchased a second house.
In 2007, we had our third baby.
In 2008, I began working on my Bachelor's degrees in Health Care Administration and Health and Human Services.
In 2009, we had our fourth baby.
In 2012, we moved to a new state, started a new job, I graduated from College.
In 2013, we welcomed our fifth baby. 

In my short 28 years of life, I have experienced a lot. This is a place where I can come and "get it all out". A safe place. I hope you enjoy my randomness, and please, keep comments respectful of me and everyone else. Thanks for reading!